Stacey Teeler, LMT

Hello, my name is Stacey Teeler and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist.<br><br> My desire is to enrich the well-being of those in my care through professional therapeutic massage delivered with a compassionate and nurturing touch.


$35 - 30 min. Upper Body Therapeutic Massage<br><br> $65 - 60 min. Full Body Swedish Relaxation Massage<br><br> $65 - 60 min. Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage<br><br> $65 - 45 min. Prenatal Massage<br><br> *******************************<br><br> <font color="red"><b>BEST DEAL</b><br> $75 - 90 min. Full Body Therapeutic Massage<br><br></font> ******************************* <br><br> <font color="red">ADD ONS</font><br> $10 adds Aromatherapy to any session!<br><br> $10 Sugar Foot Scrub<br><br> $10 add Prossage lotion upgrade<br><br> See Definition and Benefits of Massage for details!!!<br><br> <font color="red"><b>Need a Gift Certificate?</b><br> <a href="">CLICK HERE</a><br><br></font> *******************************<br><br>

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<b>Save $$$ on package offers:</b><br><br> <font color="red"><b>Absolute 60</b></font> Get six (6) 1hr massages for only $240! That's $150 in savings!!!<br><br> <font color="red"><b>Absolute 90</b></font> Get six (6) 90 minute full-body, therapeutic massages for only $360! That's $90 off the already regular low price!!

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Contact Stacey Teeler, Licensed Massage Therapist <br><br> PHONE:<br> (865) 384-2016 <br><br> EMAIL:<br> <br><br> 4706 Papermill Dr., Suite 7<br> Knoxville, TN 37909 <br><br> <b>HOURS:<br> Tues-Fri 10am-6pm<br> Saturday 10am-2pm<br> Sunday CLOSED<br> Monday CLOSED<br><br></b> ******************************* <br><br> <font color="red"><b>COUPON/VOUCHER USERS</b><br> NO SHOW POLICY - Individuals who schedule an appointment using coupons or vouchers who DO NOT show up for their scheduled appointment will forfeit their coupon/voucher. You can have your voucher re-instated AFTER purchasing a session at regular price.</font> <br><br> ******************************* <br><br> If you wish to purchase an "add-on", please let me know when you make your appointment because these require additional set-up time. Thank you.<br><br> ******************************* <br><br> <span title="Barter is Better with Tradebank"><a href=""><img src="" height="45px" width="96px" border="0px"></a><span>